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Theme: I am learning about legacy dialects and bilingualism since I need to discover how one’s language shapes their personality in an inexorably globalized society so as to comprehend why there is as yet a dread among numerous outsiders and their relatives of showing their youngsters their legacy language. In light of the science and research done on bilingualism, learning a legacy or second language while growing up has negligible to no antagonistic effects on language advancement and social class. Or maybe, language presents a chance to hoist one’s culture, character, and personality. For America, legacy and second language instruction is fundamental to continuing its overall impact as the world turns out to be more globalized. Coca-Cola. â€Å"Coca-Cola †It’s Beautiful †Official :60.† YouTube. YouTube, 2 February 2014. Web. 2 February 2014. The fundamental case of this Coca-Cola business is that each American, paying little mind to ethnicity, religion, and sexuality, appreciates drinking Coca-Cola thus the crowd ought to also. The sub-guarantee here is that America is a country comprising of different people with foundations originating from around the globe. The justification for this sub-guarantee are the different scenes wherein an assortment of Americans are delineated getting a charge out of the opportunities of America with â€Å"America the Beautiful† being sung in numerous dialects out of sight. This Coca-Cola business advances to the poignancy of the American crowd with the fuse of the notorious, energetic melody and the expansiveness of minorities spoke to in the video. The multilingual singing of the melody must be a conscious decision since Coca-Cola could have effortlessly demonstrated similar clasps of the differing Americans with the English adaptation. This infers Coca-Co... ... child’s life may just prompt more noteworthy mental troubles in light of the child’s overpowering sentiment of deserting. I plan to compare these two pieces in my paper. De Houwer’s article harmonizes the most with Landau’s in that both concur bilingualism doesn't make any critical kid improvement issues and that the advantages exceed the expenses. The language utilized in this article is proposed for a general crowd, which can advance conversations and questions. Concerning the validity of de Houwer, she is right now Professor of Language Acquisition and Language Teaching at the University of Erfurt in Germany, and she is vigorously associated with numerous phonetics associations. At the hour of this article’s composing, she educated at the University of Antwerp and Science Foundation of Flanders, Belgium. In this way, this is plainly an academic, dependable source.

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Networking and Communication Essay -- Technology, iPod, iTouch

Presentation Through numerous ages, innovation has enhanced and propelled itself to fulfill the needs of the purchaser advertise. Shoppers want items that will improve their long range informal communication and correspondence. One of the most impressive items to keep buyers socially associated was the iPod contact. The iPod contact isn't just a convenient media player; it has various applications from all types of diversion to long range interpersonal communication. Mac showcased the main iPod contact in September of 2007, and by present day; it is uncommon to locate any person without one. Foundation As the iTouch can download music, recordings, and motion pictures, there are a wide range of lawful moral issues that are included, for example, copyright encroachments. Furthermore, since they are cell phones, clients can associate with the Internet through any unbound remote system, regardless of whether it implies they are taking the administration. Furthermore, there are different social issues attracted since the Touch goes about as a type of correspondence. With clients continually refreshing their statuses and the accommodation of the following instrument, it makes extreme issues for following and digital security. Something else that has come up as of late is that Apple is currently offering memberships to magazines, papers, and so on that can be perused on the Touch. The issue is that one needs to pay for and download an application from the Apple store so as to understand them, despite the fact that one has just paid for a membership to the magazine. The iPod Touch has cert ainly reinforced friendliness between individuals, however it additionally formed issues for digital following and individual wellbeing. Moral lawful issues Copyright encroachment turns into an extreme issue when customers illicitly download music, recordings, and movi... ...out protection. End The iPod contact has made plentiful advantages for customers, and hence, it is exceptional to detect a person without one. Since the time the iPod contact initially showed up in the market, it has created astounding deals for the Apple organization. Since the Touch is to be sure a cell phone, numerous moral, lawful, security, and social issues become an integral factor. Legitimate issues, for example, copyright encroachment, moral issues, for example, undermining tests, security issues like the following contraption, and issues with interpersonal interaction are for the most part gives associated with the new innovation. The various issues are assembling and interfacing upon one another. Notwithstanding the issues experienced, the iPod Touch is an incredible contraption with different applications and diversion. It has upgraded and rearranged correspondence and systems administration to satisfy the needs of its consumers’ age.

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Treatment of Disability Essay - 275 Words

Treatment of Disability (Essay Sample) Content: Treatment of DisabilityStudentà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s NameInstitutionDate of SubmissionIn the 19th century, the industrial revolution was at its peak. There was high demand for able-bodied persons to provide labour for the factories. The disabled were thus shunned and taken as part of the "worthy poorà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . The "Worthy Poor" was a group of persons who could not work for lack of choice. The labour requirements did not accommodate the handicapped, and hence they were left to rely on government funding and benefits set aside for the disabled. Further, they also depended on the state for their medical provisions. At this time, there was a surge in homes and asylums for keeping the disabled. These institutions were set up as harbours of suffering such that even the able bodied poor avoided them at all cost.There was a common belief that association and marriage with the disabled would eventually lead to weaker human race. This notion came from a group of scientists, politic ians and intellectuals who misinterpreted Darwinà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬s theory of evolution and natural selection. The disabled were locked away in unisexual single-sex asylums or even sterilised to avoid breeding. Separate social institutions such as schools were also established to ensure that there was minimal interaction between the abled and the disabled. The 19th century saw great deprivation and abuse of the rights of the handicapped.Reasonable accommodation for employees with disabilities infers the adjustments that are necessary to the work environment to accommodate the disabled. All employees ought to be...

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The Corrections Officers Of Corcoran State Prison - 954 Words

â€Å"Objectively public administrators are accountable to both their superiors and the citizenry— proximately and routinely to the former but ultimately and more importantly to the latter† (Cooper, 2012, p. 198). A situation at Corcoran State Prison was challenged with a situation wherein dual obligations conflicted. Corcoran State Prison became the center of a serious ethical scandal that consisted of illegality, injustice, endangerment, corruption, and conspiracy. Two corrections officers of Corcoran, Steve Rigg and Richard Caruso, were faced with the question of where their loyalty lies— with their superior or with the citizens they serve? The corrections officers of Corcoran State Prison participated in unyielding instances of prison†¦show more content†¦Also, in some cases, records were falsified to justify the actions of the corrections officers. Another example was the misuse of the prisons’ integration policy. Within an isolated location known as the security housing unit, this policy was supposedly established to bring unity among rival inmates in effort that they could ultimately transfer to the prisons’ general population. As of a result of these unethical actions the civil rights of the inmates were violated. (Dryburgh, 2009, pp.164-165). Steve Rigg and Richard Caruso were two corrections officers that discovered the unethical practices in Corcoran State Prison. In spite of the risk of being terminated and other retaliation, Rigg and Caruso made a decision to come to the defense of the prisoners by becoming whistle blowers. â€Å"Whistle blowing may be defined as the attempt by an employee or former employee of an organization to disclose what he or she believes to be wrong doing in or by the organization† (Callahan, 1988, p. 315). According to Dryburgh (2009) â€Å"the motives of a whistle blower can be classified as rational, normal based or affective† (p. 158). Rigg and Caruso’s motives for becoming whistle blowers are more in accordance with normal based motives as they â€Å"encompass a desire to serve the public interest and advance social equity while preserving an individual level of loyalty to the responsibilities of the position as well as a commitment to government† (Drybur gh, 2009, p. 158). A

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Essay about Hero of the Ward Randle P. Mcmurphy - 1413 Words

â€Å"With great power comes great responsibility† was the advice given to an all-time favourite superhero, Spiderman. However, a hero is not defined by the power one has but what one does with the power they are given. Power can come in a variety of forms such as wealth, physical capabilities or mental strength, and two powerful characters usually results in an epic battle for ultimate authority where one is seen as a hero and the other a villain. â€Å"One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest† written by Ken Kesey, tells the story of the battle between two strong-willed characters within a mental asylum, Randle P. McMurphy and the Big Nurse Ratched. Randle P. Murphy is seen as a hero to many of the male patients on the ward and in particular to Chief†¦show more content†¦With McMurphy’s continuous outburst or rebellion, Nurse Ratched sentenced him to receive Electroshock Therapy, the second worse punishment patients would receive for misbehaviour. Determ ined to put on a strong exterior â€Å"he insisted it wasn’t hurting him. He wouldn’t even take his capsules. But every time that loudspeaker called him to forgo breakfast and prepare to walk to Building One, the muscles in his jaw went taunt and his whole face drained of colour, looking thin and scared-† (Kesey 241). Enduring the excruciating experience of Electroshock therapy only heightened the image the other men upheld for McMurphy and contributed to his heroism. Through the fight with the black boys and his fight to stay strong through Electroshock Therapy, McMurphy’s determination was evident to the other patients of the ward. Determination is a critical quality needed by a hero; however a hero must also make sacrifices to achieve greatness. McMurphy is seen as a hero through the sacrifices he makes. McMurphy sacrificed any chance he had of being released from the asylum; he sacrificed his freedom. With full awareness of him being committed to the ward, McMurphy realised the magnitude of dependence the other men had on McMurphy. The men constantly look to him for reassurance and wanted to be just as self confident and opinionated. When McMurphy struggled with the knowledge of beingShow MoreRelatedEssay about Ken Keseys One Flew Over The Cukoos Nest and the Movie2438 Words   |  10 Pageswritten by Ken Kesey, is overlooked by anyone who only saw the film. Ken Kesey wrote the novel, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, after experimenting with drugs and working on a psychiatric ward in 1960 and the novel was published in 1962. â€Å"Kesey became a night attendant on the Menlo Park Veterans Hospital ps ychiatric ward so that he could concentrate on his writing.† (Magill 1528) Kesey’s rebellious novel explores the world of mental patients struggling against authority and society through incredibleRead MoreThe Messianic Superego : Liberation Of Self Essay1489 Words   |  6 Pagesdisguising his personal manifesto as his novel reflective of mid-twentieth century American society, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The protagonist, Randle McMurphy, purposely casts away his own desire of self-preservation to deliver liberating freedom to prisoners broken by institutionalized sanity. Kesey develops McMurphy’s character as a tragic hero by drawing inspiration from religious texts, especially the Bible. The changing attitudes resulting from McMurphy’s presence not only evinces, but parallels

Essay on My Life Journey Has Changed By Hurricane Katrina Essay Example For Students

Essay on My Life Journey Has Changed By Hurricane Katrina Essay Like many others, my life journey was altered by Hurricane Katrina. Interestingly, my brush with Katrina occurred just 48 hours after moving to New Orleans from my hometown of Portland, Oregon. During the college application process, I was offered an academic scholarship to Loyola University. Loyola sparked my interest because I wanted my college experience to be an adventure†¦ something bold, exciting and new. When I toured the campus and city, I was intrigued by how vastly different New Orleans was from Portland; there was so much soul with a unique and vibrant culture. I fell in love with this city before Katrina. I accepted the scholarship to Loyola; I packed up my belongings and got on a flight to New Orleans, Louisiana. I was nervous yet optimistic for the next chapter of my life.My flight touched down at the Louis Armstrong Airport, and two days later, my classmates and I scrambled and scattered across the country amid rising floodwater and an uncertain future. I was stuck in a hurricane shelter just outside of the city for a week without power, beds or showers as the storm that devastated the city passed over us. I was displaced to San Antonio. All I had were the clothes on my back and no way of contacting my family. My parents were convinced that they had just been accomplices to their daughter’s death by allowing me to attend Loyola. With Loyola s assistance, I spent a semester at Georgetown University. Prior to the beginning of my second semester, I was given the choice: continue my education at Georgetown or return to New Orleans. It was a difficult decision; I had enjoyed my time at Georgetown, made friends and I have close family that lives in DC. Truthfully, I do not know exactly why I came back. Perhaps I was. . I am back in this resilient city. I am proud to witness the city’s growth as well as my own since I left back in 2009. However, I am motivated to be closer to the science, closer to the patients, closer to the psychopathology and on the front lines of psychology.I have a particular interest in the extraordinary variability found in the way children cope with adversity, traumatic and stressful situations. I am particularly interested in resilience as a trait and the biopsychosocial factors that may influence it, particularly in adolescents. The rigorous curriculum and training opportunities offered by Louisiana State University’s Clinical Psychology program is a perfect match for my career goals. Dr. Mary Lou Kelley’s work in examining the risk and protective factors of children’s adjustment and post-disaster resiliency fits perfectly into my intended area of study

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Voyage to the Lungs and Out the Nose free essay sample

Today we are going to be entering the right femoral vein of a healthy female. I am your pilot Kierra Lewis. While we embark on this journey, make sure that you keep your hands and feet inside the submarine at all times. Fasten your seat belts and let’s start our journey! We will begin our journey in the femoral vein. As you can see the femoral vein is a blood vessel that is responsible for carrying blood from the leg back to the heart via the iliac veins. This is the largest vein in the groin area. Any blockages in this vein can lead to serious medical problems. Oh no! Passengers we have just gotten word that there is a bacterium that is invading the lower lobe of the right lung! So, we will be travelling there via the pulmonary artery. We will get to see what actually happens when a bacterium invades the body and the defense mechanisms that our bodies take to get rid of those invading bacteria. We will write a custom essay sample on Voyage to the Lungs and Out the Nose or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Now we will be leaving the femoral vein and entering the inferior vena cava. As you all can see the inferior vena cava is a large vein that goes through the abdomen. It collects blood from the lumbar veins, hepatic veins, gonadal veins, renal veins, and the phrenic veins. We are now reaching the end of the inferior vena cava and we will now be entering the right atrium that will lead us into the heart. We have now arrived to the right atrium of the heart. As you can see looking out of your windows, the right atrium of the heart receives de-oxygenated blood from the body via the superior vena cava and the inferior vena cava. So everything is connected in terms of blood flow so that the blood will return to the right atrium of the heart. You can also see the contractions that the atrium is making. This is due to the sinoatrial node that sends impulses to the cardiac muscle tissue which causes it to contract in a wave-like manner. Now we are going to enter the tricuspid valve. As you look at the tricuspid valve, you can see that it is the doorway that separates the right atrium from the right ventricle. This valve opens to allow the de-oxygenated blood from the right atrium to flow to the right ventricle. So, let’s increase our speed so we can make it into the right ventricle before the tricuspid valve closes! Hold on tight! Ok my fellow passengers we have now made it into the right ventricle. If you look ahead, the pulmonary valve is closed so that the right ventricle can fill up with blood. So this part of the journey may get a little rough. Now that the ventricle is full of blood, you can see that the right ventricle is starting to contract. Since the right ventricle has contracted the tricuspid valve is closing and the pulmonary valve is opening up. So, let’s move to the pulmonary artery now! As you continue to look ahead and think back on where we have traveled from, you can see that the right pulmonary artery is the blood vessel that transports de-oxygenated blood from the right ventricle to the right lung. We are moving through the pulmonary artery. Now we have reached the end of the pulmonary artery and have reached our destination to the lower lobe of the right lung. Since there is a bacterium invading the lower lobe of the right lung, I will now ask that everyone stays in their seats and make sure your safety belts are fastened because we may experience some turbulence. Thank You! If you look to your right, you can see that the bacterium is trying to invade the lung. You can see the three lobes of the right lung, but at the moment the bacteria seems to be focused on the lower lobe. As you can see the female’s immune system is kicking in and leukocytes are starting to show up on the scene. The leukocytes are beginning to perform nonspecific immunity. Nonspecific immunity is the body’s first line of defense against invading bacterium. As you can see with this immunity the body attacks the bacterium head on to try and kill it. With specific immunity you can see that those leukocytes attack certain bacterium. In this case the body is using nonspecific immunity to kill the bacterium. The leukocytes are engulfing the bacterium and killing them directly. Now that the leukocytes have killed all the bacteria, the â€Å"Battle of the Lung is over. † We will now proceed to leave the body through the nose and end our journey. We are now crossing the alveoli membrane. The alveoli membranes are the respiratory surfaces of the lungs. I need all passengers to pay close attention because we are going to speed up just a little bit because we don’t have much time before the submarine returns to its normal size. Now that we are leaving the alveoli membrane we are now entering the bronchioles. If you look around, the bronchioles are small bronchial tubes that send air to the alveoli. We are now experiencing some major turbulence from the wind gusts so make sure you stay in your seats. Now we will be entering the trachea through the right bronchial tube. If you look around you can see that the trachea is shaped like a pipe and is also known as the windpipe of the body. As we leave the trachea, we are now entering the larynx. The larynx is the voice box where air is directed to the trachea. If you look to your right you can see the vocal cords that we use when speaking. Now we are entering the pharynx, which is also known as the throat. Hold on tight because we will now be leaving the pharynx and exiting the body through the nose. We will also experience some turbulence when exiting through the nose because as you can see, there are long hairs all around that prevent the body from acquiring infections from particles that try to enter the nose. We are now exiting the nose. Thank you for your time and consideration, we will now be returning to normal size.  Now you may gather all of your belongings and exit the front of the submarine. Thank you and have a great day!